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Setting Short and Long-Term Riding Goals


When I go to the gym I have a standard routine which includes the elliptical machine for 30 minutes and then onto 20 minutes of weight training.   I alternate upper and lower body machines.  I have a set purpose with my exercise program.

But often when I ride I have no purpose.   I think Nico has learned this and tries to avoid hard work.  I have found my most productive rides have been “purposeful ones.”   So my new riding philosophy is to have set goals when I ride.  For example I will canter two 20 meter circles to the left ask for a simple lead change and then canter two 20 meter circles to the right.  My second goal will include serpentining the entire arena and back.  I pay attention how I carry my hands and use my seat and leg aids.  I focus what I am trying to achieve rather than ride through it. 


My suggestion to you is to form short and long-term goals.  Take a few minutes before your ride to set a purpose for that ride and a few exercises to accomplish these goals.   Also think long-term what do you want to accomplish in the next month, three months or even longer.  


There is a book called 101 Arena Exercises by Cherry Hill which offers a variety of exercises that are quite useful.  You can get it at your local library or here is a link with Amazon:


I also found this link to be very interesting and talks about riding goals defined:


So after reading this please set some daily goals and exercises and share them with us.   

Cowgirl Logic:


Until next week as the cowgirl says:  “It’s a dream until you write it down and then it is a goal.”


Happy Trails

Joyce Ferreiro




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