Track Your Horse’s Weight this New Year

IMG_5425Some of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions include losing weight, getting fit, saving money and eating healthful foods. I have found that horseback riding can meet all of the above resolutions. I seem to burn a lot of calories while riding and doing barn chores, thus helping me lose weight and stay fit. I save money since I am at the barn instead of the mall; I usually get hungry after riding, so I snack on my horse’s carrots and apples, resulting in eating healthful foods.

It seems of all the New Year’s resolutions, losing weight is the most popular; barn chores and riding are effective ways of burning calories. Did you know that trotting a horse for 60 minutes could burn between 400-550 calories, depending on your weight? This link is very helpful

Since I started thinking about my horse’s weight, I though mine needed to lose some of his holiday pounds after eating my Christmas horse treats. I have yet to find a horse scale, so I wanted to share a few different ways to measure your horse’s weight.

Two of the most common ways to measure a horse’s weight include using a measuring tape or a weight tape. Here is a very useful link:

To use a measuring tape first measure your horse’s girth and then length, you might need a helper to measure the length, and use a mathematical equation Girth (in) x Girth (in) x Length = Weight (lb.)

Click here for a link where you can simply input your horse’s length, girth and age and it will calculate your horse’s weight.

Most tack stores sell weight tapes that simply measure the horse’s girth and gives you a rough calculation of your horses weight. There are a couple of types, usually for ponies and horses. Some useful tips to follow when using the tape include: make sure your horses feet are square on the floor and his weight is evenly distributed, always use the same method to monitor, take the measurement a few times, and don’t forget to record the weight. Even if it is not 100% accurate you have an idea if he/she is gaining or losing weight. After all, I always weigh myself on the same scale.

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